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Welcome to Onward & Upward

Community online work center program


Program participants receive instruction on the most effective technique to seeking, finding, applying and aquiring an online job.


Daily guidance is provided to ensure the participant gets an interview that leads to an online job. 


Staff are present daily to ensure participants are doing what is needed to secure online employment.


"No one is an island." "It takes a village." 

Program participants are mentored in money management, soft skills, communication and are encouraged in moments of discouragement.

Resume/ Cover letter

Assistance is given for customized resumes and cover letters in accordance with the job position specifications.

Brighter future

After 6 months, with a steady paycheck and the proper money management, participants will continue working for their online employer in the comfort of their home.


Program Participants

Homeless/ Jobless (6 month program)


Program Participants are committed to attending the work sessions to get an online job without an unexcused absence.  Then after they get their online job, they will attend work sessions working for their employer without an absence for 6 months. 


Seeking, finding and applying for employment takes time, effort, patience and attention. Participants will attend the work sessions and pay attention to instruction and guidance to getting, keeping and advancing in an online job. 


It takes daily diligence to seeking, finding and applying and preparing for interviews. 

Yes to money management


Participants working online earning a steady paycheck will wisely budget their earnings in order to build a savings account to afford housing. Money management is a skill needed to ensure financial stability. 

Six Months Later

Having worked a steady online job position and saved the appropriate amount of money needed for housing, the participant graduates from the program having earned their place to live, their computer and a gift card. 

Program Participant Stipulation

Participants will agree to the Commitment, Attention, and Diligence stipulations to participate in this Community Online Work Center program. Breaking any of these stipulations constitutes immediate termination from the program. 

Have Homes/ Un-employed/ Underemployed


3 to 4 hours class/workshop

Learning to seek, find, apply and interview for a real, legitimate online work at home jobs

Come away with a minimum of 3 legitimate online jobs 

Learn how to tell the difference between real jobs and scams

Learn how to access mini-jobs that you can do anytime you want to supplement your income.

*These jobs are perfect for*

Stay-at-home parent

Disabled wokrers



Military transitioning

Military spouses

High school/College students