Are You Homeless?

It is possible to work online at the Online Work Center.

Come to a class and learn how to seek, find and apply for a real, legitimate online job.

Stay for the program that leads to having a work at home job and your own computer.

There are 1000's of real online jobs hundreds of companies and organizations are looking for qualified online employees/ contractors.  Especially military veterans and disabled workers. Classes are FREE (with a referral).

Join our program for up to 6 months

-Work online at a workstation just for you up to 40 hours per week

-Daily breakfast, lunch and snacks

-Receive mentoring and coaching

-Monthly classes to help you succeed in life and work:



-Time management

-Money management



Graduate and take home a computer; work for your online employer from the comfort of your own home.

Criteria to graduate:

6 months attendance for work

6 months classes attendance

Saved 3 months rent + deposit

Saved 3 months utilities + deposit

Saved 3 months groceries


6 Month Program for (Homeless)


Program Participants are committed to attending the work sessions to get an online job without an unexcused absence.  Then after they get their online job, they will attend work sessions working for their employer without an absence for 6 months. 


Seeking, finding and applying for employment takes time, effort, patience and attention. Participants will attend the work sessions and pay attention to instruction and guidance to getting, keeping and advancing in an online job. 


It takes daily diligence to seeking, finding and applying and preparing for interviews. 

Yes to money management

Participants working online earning a steady paycheck will wisely budget their earnings in order to build a savings account to afford housing. Money management is a skill needed to ensure financial stability. 

Six Months Later

Having worked a steady online job position and saved the appropriate amount of money needed for housing, the participant graduates from the program having earned their place to live, their computer and a gift card. 

Program Participant Stipulation

Participants will agree to the Commitment, Attention, and Diligence stipulations to participate in this Community Online Work Center program. Breaking any of these stipulations constitutes immediate termination from the program. 

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